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Digital Marketing for Small Business
and Non-Profits

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What I Do

Social Media

More and more people are relying on social media for information about products and services, so to get your business really revving, you need to be meeting your customers there. Not sure how to make that happen? I can work with you to optimise your online presence.


Whether you need a brand new website, blog content, regular social media updates, or someone to moderate your online forum, I can help.

Social Media

A social media presence is one thing, but paid advertising can really get your business seen. I can assist you in identifying your target market, setting a budget, choosing the right platform and creating the messaging you need.

Your Data

If you want to take the next step up, and really dig into who your audience is, and how your online systems are operating, I can help you to understand what your CRM and online analytics are telling you, and how to adjust your strategies accordingly.

Social Media

If you're keen to take the reins and manage your own social media feeds, and you want to be confident you're maximising your impact, I offer online or in-person workshops on social media content and strategy, for individuals or for groups.

Branding and 
Logo Design

Having consistent branding across formats and platforms can make a big difference to how your brand is viewed. And a professionally designed logo can help tie it all together, as well as being great for brand recognition. I can help you to build a logo you love, and that works for your business.

My Blog

Let's Get Started

Whether you're completely new to websites and social media, or an Instagram veteran who wants to level up, we can work together to get your business humming

If you're a community group or non-profit organisation, we'd love to help you - reduced rates are available.

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